Golf Management Group/England Golf Partnership Delivers over £1.3 Million in Savings for Golf Clubs in 2023: A Report on Success


The GMG Buying Group and England Golf partnership has achieved remarkable success in generating substantial savings for golf clubs across the nation, totalling an impressive £1.3 million in 2023. This report outlines the key highlights of this initiative, emphasising the zero-cost model, unwavering commitment to service and quality, and the collaborative effort of clubs in resource pooling.


Zero Costs, No Compromise:

One of the most notable aspects of this partnership is its zero-cost structure for participating clubs. Despite this, there has been no compromise on the quality of services provided. The clubs have successfully pooled their resources, resulting in significant cost and time savings.


Popular Cost Centres: Refuse Collection and Energy:

The initiative has identified refuse collection and energy as the most popular cost centres for savings. Noteworthy examples include Bishop's Stortford Golf Club, which saved over £300,000 over three years through a new energy deal. Swaffham Golf Club and Royal Lytham & St. Annes Golf Club also reported substantial savings, exceeding £100,000 and £35,000, respectively.


Refuse Collection our Most Popular Service:

Refuse collection stands out as the most popular service, with over 400 golf clubs utilising this category through hundreds of different providers. This underscores the widespread demand for cost-effective waste management solutions within the golfing community and will no doubt grow again this year with the new food waste legislation pending.


Success of Rates Rebate Campaign:

The rates rebate campaign garnered significant interest among golf clubs, resulting in substantial rebates. Kings Norton Golf Club received over £78,000 in rebates, and Cuddington Golf Club enjoyed savings exceeding £80,000. This campaign has provided a valuable financial boost to participating clubs to recoup funds and reinvest in their facilities and services.


Diverse Solutions Offered:

The partnership extends beyond refuse collection and energy savings, actively seeking the best value for golf clubs in various areas. Whether it's Food & Beverage, Energy, Sustainability initiatives such as EV and Solar, or even a new coffee machine, the GMG Buying Group is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for its member clubs.


As the GMG Buying Group and England Golf partnership looks forward to another successful year in 2024, this report highlights the tangible benefits and positive impact on participating golf clubs. The collaborative effort, innovative solutions, and financial savings underscore the effectiveness of this partnership in supporting the thriving golfing community.



“Having used GMG over the past 5 years in a previous role they have once again been hugely supportive and thorough in their approach to finding Prestbury Golf Club the best gas price. This has resulted in a significant saving meaning the club is now in a position to plan financially knowing that this element of our utilities has been secured. I would recommend GMG to any Club Manager looking to make savings across the business in challenging economic times.”

Stuart Finlay - Prestbury GC


Contact Information:

For more information, interested parties can visit the official website at or contact the team at [email protected]  Clubs are encouraged to send invoices for benchmarking, furthering the commitment to transparency and value.


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