Winter 23 - Energy Market Report

The past few months have seen some great savings across Golf, Tennis and Rugby Clubs, over £630,000 since the start of September!

In recent weeks we have seen the wholesale prices ebb and flow. But the general trend has been increasing as the cold weather sets in. This coupled with the unrest in various countries round the world has caused the market to increase.

Clubs are asking “what is the outlook for the market?”

The Energy Club are in constant talks with suppliers and market experts. This enables us to give you the best advice possible. We receive market reports daily, showing market trends, this means we are up to date and can assist with choosing the best procurement option for your club.

The market curve below shows that, if your contract ends in the next 12 month, then it is best to be proactive. Securing your contract now, rather than leaving it till last minute, means you can budget and prepare for future years. At present we are advising clubs to secure for at least 2 years. This should hopefully mitigate potential increases next year.















In recent weeks we have had a lot of questions about reducing club’s energy consumption. With consumption increasing, the best way to keep costs down is to reduce your consumption. The Energy Club have chosen partners who are experts in this field. Whether it is a quick fix, such as boiler controls or LED/smart lighting, to larger projects such as solar, the Energy Club can advise you on what is best. We are offering clubs FREE consultant calls to discuss how we could help your club. If you would like one of these, please contact [email protected]. We will need a recent invoice to have an idea of the club’s consumption.

Does your energy contract end in the next 12 months?

The Energy Club are here to help. There are hundreds of energy tariffs available and many suppliers to choose from. A lot of these don’t include future non-commodity increases, such as TCR costs. At the Energy Club, we pride ourselves on being transparent about all costs, and only offer Fully Fixed tariffs, so there will be no shocks with rates going up during the contract period. If a club requires green or renewable sourced energy we have a wide range of suppliers now offering options. 

*market report graphs are sourced from Shell Energy.

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