Frustrated that you do not receive the terms of the multi-chain complexes? Want to plug in to a £6 million spend?

  • As a member of GMG you have access to national price files across all of the major brewers and national food wholesalers
  • By purchasing via GMG, whether you are a small independent club or larger scale business with high volumes we can safely say that you will not receive better terms.
  • Bespoke finance packages, sponsorship deals and complimentary stock there is something for everyone.
  • If you haven’t yet had a consultation then please contact us now as there are huge benefits for our members via this platform. Interested to know what you could save? Call us now or send us some invoices and we will confidentially benchmark and report back. 



Our switch was a smooth transition with the help and assistance of GMG. Not only did we save money for our club, but we made money via the cash back scheme regulated on Barrel sales. We saved thousands of pound on buying our products and made thousands on the rebate. A win win for our club that has enabled us hold beer prices for members.
Contact GMG on [email protected] or call 0844 406 8541

Wallasey Golf Club has been a GMG Member for 6 years and we are very happy with their service. With their collective group buying power, our membership of GMG has enabled Wallasey Golf Club to maintain costs at a competitive rate for all aspects of the Club’s business. Included in GMG’s service to member clubs is a facility to audit invoices for price rises. This has proved invaluable for our bar & catering purchases.

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